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It is incredible to someone who knows what a struggle finding out you have HSV can be and is supportive.I just wanted to let people on this site know that you should never give and you deserve someone who won't judge you but who can really be there for you.Now, who they settle down with is a separate question from who they date.

I think people date lots of different people (increasingly, people of different races) before settling down.

Even just a day people-gazing in a multi-ethnic major American city will attest to this.

You'll see BM/WF couples, WM/AF couples, but any other combination will be fairly rare. Masculinization of Blacks and feminization of Asians in the media and the public consciousness?

And those that can often do, especially since Whites are the majority in the US.

So I guess the real question is why are AM and BFs considered less desirable in the US?