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Most of the psychoanalytic literature after Jones and Anzieu takes for granted that Freud’s self-analysis was triggered by a personal reaction to his father’s death, guided by the author’s own acknowledgment in the preface to the second edition of his book.In this preface, Freud declared that significance, especially in relation to other contemporary techniques of self-observation in academic or clinical psychologies. 1 « In the summer of 1897, Freud undertook his most heroic feat – a psychoanalysis of his own unconscious. For no one again can be the first to explore those depths » [1] Jones, 1953, 319..The suspicion may stem from the manner in which this singular event is staged.

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) unsaturated ketones (alkenones), a unique class of algal lipids, encode surface ocean properties useful for paleoceanographic reconstruction.

Apparatus and procedure for distillation and determination of ammonium.

Determination and isotope-ratio analysis of different forms of nitrogen in soils: I.

However, to use stable isotope data to obtain quantitative information on in situ biodegradation requires among others knowledge on the influence of mass transfer processes on the observed stable isotope fractionation.

This paper reviews recent findings on the influence of mass transfer processes on stable isotope fractionation and on the quantitative interpretation of isotope data.

Vogt s fractionation method dating